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What is APL ?
APL stands for Assessment of Prior Learning.
It is a process through which you assess an individual’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have been developed, through formal or informal education, training and/or life experiences.
APL is done through an evaluation process by a specialist to determine if the individual can be awarded the SLNVQ/CVQ.

APL can help to:
Identify education and training goals
Identify personal strengths and interests
Identify skills and knowledge gaps
Develop a personal education and training plan

What are the benefits of APL ?
It provides you with a formal paper Certification
Better job opportunities
Opportunities for promotion
Reduce the time it takes to be certified since it eliminates duplication of learning
Accommodates working people
Validates learning gained through work and life experience

Why use APL?
Help employers understand what you know and can do
Help identify and define a broad range of your skills and knowledge
Help identify new career options and choices

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The St Lucia TVET Council endorses the Certification of Prior Learning as an alternative means of:
  • Developing a more competent, flexible workforce;
  • Empowering individuals to take more responsibility for their training and per-sonal development
  • Making the certification of individuals more flexible
  • Recognizing the validity of learning out-side of the formal education sector.

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